Meet Victory Crate

Meet Victory Crate

As part of our interview series this summer we talk to founders, staff members, guest speakers and mentors. This week: two RED Labs class 3 founders from Victory Crate, Gehad and Darwish.

Meet Gehad Olabi

Meet Gehad Olabi Gehad is an Industrial Engineer with 10+ years of experience in business development. He is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Houston.

Why RED Labs?

It seemed like a great opportunity for me to stop thinking about creative solutions, and actually have a structured program to help me achieve my objectives.

Describe your experience with RED Labs in 3 words.

Exciting, insightful & bad a*s.

What is your background?

I’m a board game enthusiast. I enjoy video games, am a self-proclaimed ultimate twister champion, and an avid reader.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to launch our business and make it the premier location for all things board games.

If you were the ruler of your own country, what would be the first law you would enact??

Rubbernecking can be punishable by death..

Meet Darwish Alkuteifani

Meet Darwish Alkuteifani Darkish is a petroleum engineer at Texas Tech University with 5 years sales experience.

Why RED Labs?

RED Labs allows me to be in a collaborative group with like-minded individuals that can motivate and inspire me in this process.

Describe your experience at RED Labs in 3 words.

Motivating, inspiring, creative.

What is your background?

I enjoy working out and exercise. I’m interested in investments and like reading, adventure, and travel.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be able to invest in the oil and gas industry as well as real estate. I also want to live a financially free life that allows me to travel and make a difference to my family, friends and community. It would also be great to become a professional golf player.

If you were the leader of your own company, what would your first law be?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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