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We launch technology startups at the University of Houston.

Founded in 2013 by one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the nation, the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.

RED Labs is a coworking space and startup accelerator at the University of Houston. We take teams who have great technology ideas, give them access to a space on campus, connect them to relevant mentors and resources in the startup community, and help them grow their ideas into scalable companies. RED Labs is non-profit and takes no equity.

During the summer, our accelerator accepts up to ten companies and runs them through an intensive program with curriculum, mentorship, and more.

Since 2013, 44 founders have launched 17 companies at RED Labs.

UH faculty or student? Get involved with us in Spring 2016.

Workspace, Mentorship, Education, and More

You can optionally earn up to 6 hours course credit for working on your startup.
MIS 4397 / 7397 and ENTR 4397 / 7397.

Coworking Space

Housed in Bauer College of Business' Melcher Hall. An access-controlled space on campus where you can work on your startup surrounded by like-minded individuals. Unlimited ramen noodles and coffee, a 3D printer, and an Oculus Rift.


During the Spring semester, work with us as we help you with your team, initial drafts of your business model, and getting started on customer validation. Hear from experts in the Houston startup ecosystem on building a team, venture capital, angel investing, user experience, and more. We give you the tools to get started. 3 hours course credit available.

Summer Accelerator

A full-time, 3 month program that includes intensive mentoring, curriculum, and exposure to Houston's best resources. Work closely in a cohort of UH and Rice startup founders in a variety of industries. The accelerator culminates with the Bayou Startup Showcase, hosted jointly with Rice University's OwlSpark accelerator. 3 hours course credit available.

Summer 2015: RED Labs Class 3.

Housed in the Texas Medical Center's new 100,000 square foot Innovation Institute (TMCx), the summer accelerator was an intensive, 3 month program that was operated in collaboration with Rice University's startup accelerator, OwlSpark. The summer accelerator began on May 26th, 2015 and concluded with the Bayou Startup Showcase.

Some highlights from the summer - meet Kelsey Ruger, our interns, datafuel, guestographer, Lumen Motors, Teomics, Towbee, and Victory Crate. Also, view photos from the summer program.

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